Dear Neighbor,

I am honored to have served as Escondido’s Mayor since 2010 and Councilman since 2004.

The proudest days of my life were when I swore to support and defend the constitution, first as a new citizen, and as mayor in 2010.

I am also proud to continue to provide excellent leadership to serve the people of Escondido and lead our great city to financial stability and economic prosperity. I am excited about the great opportunities ahead of us and to continue to fight for you.

As Mayor, I have delivered on my campaign promises, championed government reform and turned the city around financially and economically and made Escondido a safer city. My significant accomplishments focused on fiscal discipline, smaller government, public safety, neighborhood improvement and economic growth.

As Escondido’s Mayor, I have:

  • Balanced our budget for seven consecutive years, turned a $16 million deficit to a $12 million surplus without using reserves or raising taxes. Built a $17 million reserve fund and $16 million public pension reserve fund, improved Escondido’s bond rating to AA-, earning the Taxpayers Association’s Golden Watchdog Award.
  • Attracted $2 billion in new investments, since I was elected mayor, recruited 2,203 net new businesses (723 last year alone) and created more than 3,000 new jobs.
  • Reduced government, wasteful spending, improved efficiency and streamlined regulations.
  • Implemented pension reform, efficiently staffed our Police and Fire Stations, saving taxpayers over $1 million a year.
  • Made Escondido a safer city, crime is down 48% (33% since I was elected Mayor). Escondido enjoys the lowest crime rate since 1980.
  • Improved City’s image as an attractive place for business and visitors. Best Life magazine ranked Escondido #49 in the best 100 cities to raise a family.

As your Mayor I remain strongly committed to work with each and everyone to improve City government, promote fiscally conservative values and create economic prosperity for our businesses, families and residents.

I have been endorsed by hundreds of prominent community civic leaders, elected officials, and organizations. I would be honored to have your continued support and your vote for my reelection.

Sincerely, Sam Abed, Mayor of Escondido